Posted on June 2013

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Operation Feed

Posted June, 2013 by: UCT

As we do every year, our employees here at UCT are involved in the Operation Feed campaign here in Columbus.  Operation Feed is an effort to help the Mid Ohio Foodbank provide food for people in need throughoutCentral Ohio.  This year’s campaign is nearing the end, and we expect to achieve our goal. The need has always been there, but in recent… Continue Reading…

Do You Know What the UCT “Creative Consultants” Can Do For You and Your Council?

Posted June, 2013 by: UCT

Hey everyone!  Jen here – Community Outreach Manager for UCT… Do you already belong to a UCT Traditional or Alternative Council? Are you looking to form a new one? If you answered “no,” then WHY NOT?!  If you answered yes, then you should already be aware of all that the UCT Home Office can provide to your council.  In fact, did you… Continue Reading…

Extra, Extra…Read All About It!

Posted June, 2013 by: UCT

UCT has added 11 new councils in the past year and the volunteer hours keep flowing…so much that we had to add new ways of communicating just how many great community service activities our local councils are involved in! Local Council Spotlight – UCT councils are doing so much to help their local communities that we just can’t keep the good news to… Continue Reading…

UCT turns up the heat to fight hunger!

Posted June, 2013 by: David Knapp

This week UCT employees are kicking off our annual month-long Operation Feed campaign for Mid-Ohio Foodbank, which provides meals to thousands of hungry individuals in central and eastern Ohio each day. We’re heating things up this year with our Too Hot for Hunger campaign. Our goal is to collect food and funds to provide over 5,000 meals – and we have a… Continue Reading…

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