Posted on July 2014

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UCT Officially Kicks Off the Kaye Trainer International Capital Campaign!

Posted July, 2014 by: UCT

In an effort to increase council activity and to enhance our partnership with ASHA (American Special Hockey Association) and SHI (Special Hockey International), UCT has officially kicked off the Kaye Trainer International Capital Campaign! The purpose of the capital campaign is to supply every ASHA and SHI program with a Kaye Trainer, which includes the suspension and harness.  In total, each Kaye Trainer… Continue Reading…

UCT’s 127th annual convention wraps up

Posted July, 2014 by: UCT

Last week, UCT held its 127th annual convention in Columbus, Ohio. UCT has been headquartered in Columbus since its founding in 1888, and while the location of the annual convention moves from year to year, occasionally the meeting occurs in UCT’s home town. It was a busy week, and while there was a great deal to do at the convention, attendees had the opportunity… Continue Reading…

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