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Posted on Sep 20, 2012 by: UCT

I recently attended the annual meeting of the American Fraternal Alliance, and it was a great meeting.  One of the speakers was Jim Collins, best selling business author of books such as Good to Great and Built to Last.  He had many interesting things to say, and he felt, as he put it, that the zeitgeist was moving in a direction that favored the Fraternal business model.


There is an increasing interest among consumers and investors, particularly among young people, in the social enterprise.  For-profit companies and start ups are increasingly focused on giving back to local communities, moving closer to a social enterprise model.


UCT and other Fraternals have been social enterprises for over 100 years.  UCT as a core function has been involved in community service since our founding in 1888.  We are a non-profit insurer, and the insurance operations help fund member directed volunteer efforts.


If you are interested in buying life or health insurance from a socially responsible non-profit insurer, check out our insurance offerings.  If you are interested in volunteer opportunities to help improve your local communities, see what we have to offer.


Join us.

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