Posted on September 2012

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The UCT Scholarship Program – changing lives & building futures

Posted September, 2012 by: Linda Fisher

For more than 50 years UCT has made helping people with intellectual disabilities our top service project. In 1997 our UCT Charities fund was established as a way to support this priority, primarily by providing scholarships to students and teachers seeking degrees or certification to teach people with intellectual disabilities through the UCT Scholarship Program. Each year the UCT Scholarship Program makes… Continue Reading…

Social Enterprise

Posted September, 2012 by: UCT

I recently attended the annual meeting of the American Fraternal Alliance, and it was a great meeting.  One of the speakers was Jim Collins, best selling business author of books such as Good to Great and Built to Last.  He had many interesting things to say, and he felt, as he put it, that the zeitgeist was moving in a direction that favored the Fraternal business model.… Continue Reading…

If Your School Could Use $10,000 Read This Post!

Posted September, 2012 by: UCT

UCT gives back to people with intellectual disabilities by sponsoring a video contest for $10,000! UCT is excited to announce our upcoming video contest, “UCT Gives Back” which will award $10,000 to one very deserving school. UCT Gives Back is open to schools with programs for people with intellectual disabilities or universities with programs to train special education teachers – and the… Continue Reading…

Show your school spirit by supporting your local students!

Posted September, 2012 by: Linda Fisher

Believe it or not the dog days of summer are over, and in a few weeks fall officially begins! And that means that kids across the U.S. and Canada are headed back to school. Volunteers enrich school programs and strengthen relationships with local communities. There are any number of volunteer projects you can coordinate or get involved with to help local schools… Continue Reading…

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