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UCT’s 2020 convention is heading to horse country – Lexington, Kentucky!

Posted January, 2020 by: David Knapp

Hey, y’all, we’re headed to Lexington, Kentucky, June 27-29 for the 2020 UCT convention at the Hyatt Regency, and we want you to join us! The Hyatt Regency Lexington offers a number of amenities like room service, complimentary Wi-Fi and parking, a fitness center and indoor swimming pool, the onsite Bluefire Bar & Grill, and the prerequisite gift shop. It’s only one… Continue Reading…

Sharing the spirit of the season

Posted December, 2019 by: David Knapp

The holiday season is undeniably here, and I confess it has me – as it sometimes does – pondering what the spirit of the season really means. Can it be found in the observances of the birth of Christ? Is it about Santa and trees and decorations and Christmas music? Can it be recognized in the solemn daily lighting of the menorah?… Continue Reading…

Thankful for UCT

Posted November, 2019 by: David Knapp

In my home, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to embrace and share heritage established by generations. We always have family around and cook the biggest turkey we can find. This year I am thankful for many things, including my family, my husband, wonderful kids and grandkids, being healthy, our home, hot showers, water and the clothes on my back. I am also thankful… Continue Reading…

UCT employees get creative for local kids

Posted October, 2019 by: Debbi Myers

Walking down the hall of the UCT home office I see a wizard. There in the lunch room is Wednesday Addams and her headless doll. At the receptionist’s desk did I really see an alien? It is a sure sign that Christmas is coming! You may think that doesn’t sound like the Yuletide season to you. It sure does to me. You… Continue Reading…

Falling for volunteering – some simple community service ideas

Posted October, 2019 by: David Knapp

Now that fall is here, it’s time to start thinking about the new community service opportunities that come with the change of seasons. Homeless shelters are preparing for upcoming cold weather. Food banks are stocking up to help hungry individuals and families during the holidays. Local charities are holding the last of the walk-a-thons to raise funds for their projects. It’s a… Continue Reading…

Don’t take clutter with you into retirement

Posted October, 2019 by: David Knapp

UCT’s U.S. members and their families are entitled to discounts on full-service moving and storage services thanks to our partnership with Wheaton World Wide Moving | Bekins Van Lines. April Milner is central regional sales director with Bekins. She has 20 years of experience in the moving and storage industry, and she’s seen a lot of the challenges that folks face as… Continue Reading…

Go green by enrolling to receive your billing notice through email

Posted September, 2019 by: David Knapp

More and more companies and organizations are finding that a simple way to have a huge impact on the environment is through reducing paper consumption by turning paper documents into electronic ones and eliminating paper from workflows. A tree can only produce, on average, 17 reams of paper and takes about 100 years to grow. By reducing paper usage, organizations like UCT… Continue Reading…

UCT’s disaster relief benefit can help with the unexpected

Posted September, 2019 by: David Knapp

September is National Preparedness Month in the U.S., something I’ve never been aware of before, but here in Ohio our state emergency management agency and our governor are promoting it as the perfect opportunity for individuals, organizations and companies to take steps to ensure we’re better prepared for any disaster that might impact homes, jobs, schools and communities. The timing is pretty… Continue Reading…

UCT’s safety poster contest – helping kids face what troubles them

Posted August, 2019 by: David Knapp

From an adult perspective, the life of a child might look like pure bliss, but we all know that childhood poses challenges and concerns for every generation. Like those before them, today’s kids have to tackle any number of issues surrounding their personal safety: school and playground upsets, traffic risks, household hazards, stranger danger, bullying. But they also have to live with… Continue Reading…

UCT’s scholarship programs – helping students with college educations

Posted July, 2019 by: David Knapp

It’s no secret that obtaining a college degree today can be illogically expensive. A quick look at just how expensive it’s become succeeds in producing some sticker shock. For example, in-state tuition and fees in the U.S. to attend a public four-year institution last year averaged around $9,400. Typical costs in Canada were a little lower at $6,800; still, students in both… Continue Reading…

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