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Making a Difference Together

UCT members make an impact through community service!

Posted June, 2019 by: Anita Neal

Every day, across the U.S. and Canada, UCT members make a difference in their communities and have a positive impact on those who live there through their volunteer community service efforts. Our members are special people, and they’re humble people too. Their dedication to putting into action UCT’s commitment to being the place where community and compassion unite is commonplace to them.… Continue Reading…

5th annual UCT Food Truck Rally set to help Operation Feed

Posted May, 2019 by: Anita Neal

The 5th annual UCT Food Truck Rally will once again kick off the UCT home office’s Operation Feed campaign for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank from 11 am-2 pm on Thursday, June 6. Columbus foodies throughout Columbus and especially the Grandview area turn out each year to sample eats from different area food trucks – and help the local community in the process. It’s… Continue Reading…

UCT employees are all heart all year ’round

Posted December, 2018 by: Anita Neal

UCT employees are pretty special people. I’ve said this many times over the years, and I’ll keep saying it. There are only around 50 of us who work at the home office in Columbus, Ohio, but we strive to give back to our local community as much as, if not more than, many organizations twice our size. Every single UCT employee is… Continue Reading…

This Thanksgiving we give thanks for our UCT members

Posted November, 2018 by: Anita Neal

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States, and for many of us that means hanging out with family and friends, eating too much turkey and pumpkin pie, watching too much football and Netflix, and taking too many long naps. But it also means being thankful. Thanksgiving is, after all, the official season of gratitude: that old-fashioned, warm, fuzzy, out-loud appreciation for all… Continue Reading…

Happy UCT Halloween, past and present

Posted October, 2018 by: Debbi Myers

What is it about those years when you have those “significant number” birthdays that makes one spend time reflecting on the past? This is one of those years for me. Every October the UCT Costume Contest to benefit Toys for Tots is held. The employees dress up in costumes, and we all vote for the best with our spare change. As always,… Continue Reading…

How the UCT Safety Poster Contest impacted one student’s life

Posted August, 2018 by: Anita Neal

Each year, UCT sponsors a safety poster contest for students in public, private and parochial schools and for students with intellectual disabilities. Schools across North America are eligible to participate, once contacted by a UCT local council. Judging is conducted in three levels for each division. Posters are judged according to originality, artistic ability and clarity of content and winners are awarded… Continue Reading…

Members receive top honors at UCT convention

Posted August, 2018 by: Anita Neal

Congratulations to Past International President Darlene Gillies of Neepawa, Manitoba Council 924, who was named the 2018 Volunteer of the Year! Through her local council Darlene has been involved with community service for decades, coordinating Join Hands Day projects with local youth, assisting with UCT Safety Poster Contests, organizing safety days to benefit area students, and volunteering for Special Olympics. Through her… Continue Reading…

UCT members turn out to help Savannah’s Urban Hope

Posted July, 2018 by: Anita Neal

I’m always saying that UCT members are some of the most generous, community-conscious people I know, and don’t you know they always prove me right! In addition to all the good works members do in their local communities year-round, each year in July they make sure we leave our mark on our annual UCT convention host city by supporting the programs and… Continue Reading…

Get moving to submit your Volunteer of the Year award nominations

Posted February, 2018 by: Anita Neal

UCT members are special volunteers and the cornerstone of our organization. Every day, across North America they’re making a difference in their communities and having a positive impact on those who live there. UCT members are also humble volunteers, going about the business of making life better for others without much thought of what they might get in return. That’s why it’s… Continue Reading…

UCT’s Sudbury, Ontario Council 1051 tackles hunger head on

Posted November, 2017 by: Anita Neal

Back in October I talked a little about hunger in North America and manageable ways that local communities can address this growing issue. UCT is already on it, with many of our local councils across the U.S. and Canada engaged in longtime support of food banks, food programs and special holiday projects for hungry individuals in their areas. One of those councils… Continue Reading…

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