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UCT’s 127th annual convention wraps up

Posted July, 2014 by: UCT

Last week, UCT held its 127th annual convention in Columbus, Ohio. UCT has been headquartered in Columbus since its founding in 1888, and while the location of the annual convention moves from year to year, occasionally the meeting occurs in UCT’s home town. It was a busy week, and while there was a great deal to do at the convention, attendees had the opportunity… Continue Reading…

American Fraternal Alliance Mid-year meetings

Posted May, 2014 by: UCT

The American Fraternal Alliance hosts mid-year meetings for a variety of audiences — Fraternal Management, Presidents and CEO’s, Actuaries, and Investment Managers to name a few. UCT tries to have representatives at as many of these meetings as we can. It is a great way to learn about what is going on in the Fraternal Industry, in the Insurance Industry, and in the U.S.… Continue Reading…

UCT Gives Back Again video contest winners

Posted April, 2014 by: UCT

Last week we went to Eldon, Missouri, to present the first place prize for the UCT Gives Back contest to Eldon High School. Their program is very impressive, and the community worked to get out the vote to win the contest. The assembly where we presented the check was a great event, and I know the prize money will be put to good use… Continue Reading…

UCT Gives Back…Again

Posted March, 2014 by: UCT

After weeks of voting, with two schools running neck and neck to the end, we have two winners in our video contest, UCT Gives Back . . . Again. Eldon High School in Eldon, MO, is the winner of the $10,000 prize, and Saint Raphael Catholic Elementary School in Sudbury, ON, came in second place and wins the $5,000 prize.  All 10 of… Continue Reading…

The Olympics

Posted February, 2014 by: UCT

Over the past few days the Olympics have dominated the sports news. The competition is always fun to watch, and there are always surprising results. As they used to put it on an old ABC show, the Wide World of Sports, contestants experience the “thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat.”  While we all enjoy watching the Olympics, there is another type of… Continue Reading…

Winter Hockey Festivals

Posted January, 2014 by: UCT

I spent last weekend at the Gardens Ice House in Laurel Maryland attending the UCT Winter Hockey Festival. It was a great event and the players seemed to really enjoy every bit of it. We had 20 teams participate, and they had the opportunity to play on one of 3 indoor rinks and also an outdoor rink that was completed just a few… Continue Reading…

Looking forward to 2014

Posted December, 2013 by: UCT

With only a few days left before the New Year, I’ve been thinking about some of the great things in store in 2014.  We have several new initiatives planned for the coming year, and I’m excited to see how everything plays out. While we have great things planned throughout the year, we have a couple of major events coming up early in… Continue Reading…

New Scholarship Program

Posted October, 2013 by: UCT

UCT members have a long history of working to improve their local communities.  Over the past 125 years, our members have volunteered to support a wide variety of charitable causes.  One long term effort of the organization has been to help young people pursue higher education. UCT has been awarding scholarships to deserving students for over 50 years.  Over that time, the… Continue Reading…

Social Entrepreneurs

Posted September, 2013 by: UCT

In recent years interest in social entrepreneurship has been rising. Business schools have been developing programs for social entrepreneurs, and there has been an increasing interest among students for these programs.  Social entrepreneurs focus on developing new enterprises that address social issues rather than simply providing a good financial ROI. As a recent Harvard Business Review article put it, “MBA programs today… Continue Reading…

Change A Life in Just One Click

Posted August, 2013 by: UCT

Volunteering is an amazing thing…not only does it benefit the cause you are supporting, but volunteering effects the volunteer.   A recent study by the Corporation for National and Community Service, Office of Research and Policy Development titled, The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research, Washington, DC 2007, showed that those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional… Continue Reading…

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